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Wonderful Women, dear Men!

Some of You may look wonderingly: "Freies Deutschland" (Free Germany) in the colours of stars spangled banner. Of course we German Anarchists want a Germany under German Peopleīs rule, not to be dominated by the U.S.A. But we German Anarchists donīt like black-red-gold, we donīt like the way of German State and Society, and we are Sisters and Brothers of all Anarchists around the world in the Community of United Anarchists. It is my recommendation to use the colours blue and red for the logo of United Anarchists, because the largest and most powerful national community of our worldwide community is living in the U.S.A. and because that community contains people of nearly any racial origin: Asians, Africans, Europeans, Australians, and, of course, Americans, too. That way all people of the world are anyhow participating in the national community of United Anarchists in the U.S.A., so I thought it would be the easiest way to avoid any trouble to use those colours that I like combined with white very much over and above. Furthermore American/English is of course the language of our international community of United Anarchists and I myself have voted to make this language to the only one in the world long ago: There is nothing more than sentimentality to adhere to any other languages, but it takes an immense effort to overbear the barriers of different languages.  In times of worldwide internet mankind must be able to communicate world wide without barriers of languages  and I hope that even French, Dutch and Texanian people will be able to think about that when a German man, living in Germany, demands American/English as the worldīs only spoken language! Without American/English there were no worldwide community of Anarchists and if mankind donīt like to continue running to a dead end then the whole mankind has to get a true community of Sisters and Brothers for the sake of all! There is no true problem special for any nation, there are only problems that are concerning everyone around the world!

I have written a lot in American/English and will give more and more links here until I will have accomplished that part of that is written in German language: In Germany we Anarchists are fighting against the SS-Devil that is still alive and more powerful then ever before.

With kindest regards


Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists.

Some words about United Anarchists and the nearly fulfilled translation of one of the texts that had allowed me to win the hearts and minds of German Anarchists and to unify us directed to common aims some years ago: