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German Policemen = Madmen? Really everyone who has ever read a detective story knows: When the inspector begins investigations in a murder case he first regards all as suspicious who could have done the murder. The five girls who had visited Nadine Ostrowski on Saturday, 19th of August 2006, have had the opportunity to murder Nadine O. who was found dead in a bathroom on 20th of August at 01.30 a.m. CET. But the police has never treated them as suspicious, but only as witnesses. Even if there were not traces of another person at the place of action - neither at the the corpse of Nadine Ostrowski nor anywhere in the house. Members of the ioff-forum, any forum in Germany, not at all a special forum for criminalists, raised such questions neither the Police of Hagen nor the State Office of Criminal Investigation of North Rhine-Westphalia, both involved in the investigations, didn´t raise....

So there are two possibilities: The Police of Hagen and the State Office of Criminal Investigation of North Rhine-Westphalia are silly / mad, or they knew very well that the girls were the murderer but wanted to cover that.

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Luenen, 30th of October, Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists

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The last sentence: "Irgendwo müssten doch Spuren sein, die nicht zu den Hausbewohnern und Besuchern gehört? Wer nicht im Kriminalisten Ganzkörperanzug rumläuft, hinterlässt immer irgendwelche DNA-Spuren."

means: "There should be any traces that don´t be related to the inhabitants of the house or to the visitors? Who doesn´t walk around in a full-body protective suit of the criminalists leaves always any DNA-traces."

Posting # 19, 26-08-2006, 16.12   (26th of August 2006, 04.12 p.m. German Time).













































































"Steht denn der Todeszeitpunkt schon genau fest?  Wer weíß, welch seltsame "Spiele" bei diesem Spieleabend gespielt wurden."

means: "Is the time of death already exactly clear? Who knows which curious "Games" had been played in that gaming-night."

Posting # 22, 26-08-2006, 16.37   (26th of August 2006, 04.37 p.m. German Time).

"eigentlich wollte ich nur darauf hinaus, dass man durchaus auch die Freundinnen (bzw. eine oder ein paar davon) nicht ausklammern sollte, wenn man schon spekuliert..."


"actually I wanted to drive at the point that you shouldn´t exclude the female friends (respectively one or some of them) while you are it to speculate...."

Posting # 25, 26-08-2006, 16.47   (26th of August 2006, 04.47 p.m. German Time).