WORDS  TO  ALL  TRUE ANARCHISTS  AROUND  THE  WHOLE  WORLD on the 6th of March 2009, by Winfried Sobottka, in this matter legitimated SPEAKER of all TRUE Anarchists in FRG as in Austria.


Wonderful Sisters and Brothers of True Anarchy around the World!

The original entry on this URL has been copied to:


by me.

The matter is the following:

After I had proclaimed the aims we German Anarchists have been unified by some years ago the entry containing that proclamation appeared on Google-Position No. 1 for United Anarchy.

You can see the copied Google-Cache of that here:



I had written that entry in German-language on blog.de, meanwhile blog.de had censored that by killing all my blogs without gibving a true reason for that.

But of course I have made a copy on my own page and that is to get (in German language) using:


Wonderful Sisters and Brothers, I have written texts in English,too, which You can use as basical explantions of our aims. I am that one who has unified the TRUE German Anarchists by explaining the basics of natural social life and natural sexuality cause those lead automatically to a basicdemocratic and peaceful society!

You can get a look at very important basics of our common aims and their foundations if You read the texts on:


and on:


OK, my American/English is not the best, I know that. Perhaps it will appease You to know that my German isn´t either.;)

Wonderful Sisters and Brothers, I will translate the defined aims very soon and then You will be able to read that on:


I am really sure that all TRUE Anarchists around the world will absolutely agree with us German Anarchists in that!

Please spread this informations round the world to all TRUE Anarchists!

Should it work to unify all True Anarchists around the World then there would be a really good chance for Anarchy around the world: We German Anarchists are fighting for years, uncovering crimes of states, explaining the basics of natural social and sexual life, and have found out that the satanic SS has survived and does really horrible things.

We could beat them with a good support of Anarchists in other countries, especially with hackers´ support to dominate the search-engines.

If we would win in Germany tomorrow, and we are very brave fighters, then we would win next day everywhere! None of the crazy and evil systems could stand furthermore if there would be a real Anarchic country in the dimensions of Germany!

Please give Your best to spread those informations, and if You want to give us a sign that You are ready to give us powerful support, so please help us to get the following URLS on Google´s first pages for:


Or, if You cannot use the Ü and Ö,


She is the Justice-Minister of Nordrhein-Westfalen and stands for horrible crimes!!!







Wonderful Sisters and Brothers, not only I, but all TRUE Anarchists in Germany, FRG as Austria, are absolutely convinced that mankind and the world will have no chance to avoid the downfall if we TRUE Anarchists will not unite as Sisters and Brothers worldwide and will not fight according to a common intelligent strategy: We have to focus our power, we cannot win a fight along the whole front-line simultaneously!

We German Anarchists love You!

By the name of German Anarchists in FRG and in Austria:

Your Brother

Winfried Sobottka












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