Free World!!!!!!!


My Wonderful Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists around the Whole World!

It is not only the nature of human beings to keep together, it is the same way necessary to do that for the sake of whole mankind.  We German Anarchists had been a powerful Community, at last Germany, FRG and Austria, has more than 90 millions inhabitants and is a rich country. But we were never strong enough to fight down the SS-Satanists alone. And that is the situation in all other countries: Only in true Community we can rescue one country after the other one!

No one can deny the sucess of our common fight: Together we are really invincible, many people in Germany and not only in Germany are looking at us - at our doing and at our successes! We are breaking the wall of pressing down information and of lies about politics and politicians! We are doing what no other people would dare and what no other people would get!

You all are the true messiahs of this world, You all are those who bring the light back! The light we have lost when we left paradise!

Here is only one result we German Anarchists would not have reached alone, and I present this because it contains a message to NRW-Justice-Minister Roswitha Mueller-Piepenkoetter as to all SS-Satanists:

We German Anarchists are very, very proud to belong to the World-Wide Community of United Anarchists and to get their excellent support for fighting against most evil crimes of State in Germany!

Im Namen der deutschen Anarchistinnen und Anarchisten


By the name of United Anarchists

I have made a copy of that Google-Site, the "Umlaute" (ä,ö,ü) were not copied in the right way:

And here is the entry with the quotation above

Hallo, Roswitha Müller-Piepenkötter! Hello, Roswitha Mueller...

Wir deutschen Anarchistinnen und Anarchisten sind verdammt stolz darauf, zur Weltgemeinschaft von United Anarchists zu gehören und von ihnen vorzüglich. - Ähnliche Seiten
Wonderful Sisters and Brothers, it is our duty to give the best because we are the best. No one will rescue mankind if we will do it not!
I love You all from the deepest bottom of my heart, and I appeal to You all: Moving on! Absolutely true Victory of the whole Mankind is our Aim!
Your all
Winfried Sobottka, a German Anarchist in the Community of United Anarchists!